Crest Fasteners offers a large selection of Huck Tool nose assemblies. Huck is known for powerful and efficient tools, including a line of rivet tools and hydraulic collar cutters. Whether you're in need of a new air hose, throttle valve or o-ring, we have the Huck Tool Parts you need!

BOM® Nose Piece Chart.pdf
FloorTight® Nose Piece Chart.pdf
Huck Nose Piece Chart Blind Fasteners.pdf
Magna-Lok®, HuckLok®, Magna-Bulb®, Auto-Bulb® Nose Piece Chart.pdf
Magna-Tite® Nose Piece Chart.pdf
Monobolt Nose Piece Chart.pdf
Nail Rivets Nose Piece Chart.pdf
See the Huck Full Line Catalog - huck_full_line_catalog.pdf
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