SMARTBins is simple.

  • Use phones scans, RFID or SMARTBins weight sensor bins to automate and optimize stockroom inventory replenishment with the SMARTBins cloud app. Go paperless and send digital POs directly to any distributors' ERP
  • 10x faster than replenishing through an e-commerce site or with pencil/paper/spreadsheet
  • Get set up and trained in 2 hours. See ROI in a month
  • Works with existing ERP/WMS software or by itself

SMARTBins will make you more profitable.

  • Distributors and their customers decrease procurement costs by up to 90% by eliminating POs and sending VMI reorders directly to the distributor's ERP system
  • SMARTBins decreases inventory levels and annual carrying costs by up to 73% through optimization
  • SMARTBins decreases shrinkage by tracking use

SMARTBins gives you stockroom inventory reports you can't get anywhere else.

  • SMARTBins tells you how much cash can be removed from inventory and annual carrying costs using SMARTBins's Min/Max Tuning Dashboard to optimize inventory in stockrooms, job sites, and vans
  • SMARTBins can send email alerts about orders and inventory status
  • SMARTBins gives point-of-use inventory data that helps distributors optimize their distribution centers. It tells them: 1) what products will be ordered, 2) in what quantity, 3) on what date. SMARTBins eliminates forecast error for distributors by calculating demand based on customer usage, not aggregated orders.

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