SMARTBins Replenish

A next-gen VMI/CMI app for data-driven inventory replenishment of storerooms and trucks

Digitize your POs and send them directly to any distributor

SMARTBins Replenish is 10x faster than replenishing through an e-commerce site or with a pencil and clipboard because it only requires a barcode scan and a tap to send the PO to any distributor.

Using SMARTBins Replenish inventory management app and a phone/scanner is easy, users scan barcodes of items that need replenishment. Information such as item #, location, package quantity, and customer details are all captured with one scan. Tapping "Send PO" sends the orders through SMARTBins’ cloud directly to the distributor's ERP system. This process eliminates 90% of the time it takes to order from an e-commerce site where customers have to write down and key-in part numbers. SMARTBins Replenish can be used by either distributor drivers/reps doing VMI or end-customers scanning for themselves (CMI).

Make replenishment orders and cycle counts more efficient

  • Scan a barcode with a phone's camera and enter the quantity
  • The order goes to the supplier's ERP
  • Capture with one scan: customer name, item number, location, package quantity, supplier, etc.

  • Scan the item and type in the quantity remaining
  • If quantity on hand is less than the minimum, SMARTBins will suggest an order up to the maximum
  • Keeps track of items counted and reports on uncounted items

Get valuable reports to help you take action, such as:

  • Current orders to suppliers
  • Items in stockroom listed by suppliers
  • Cycle counting by inventory classification, based on inventory turns.
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